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    your work is so personal…each detail carefully thought out….a masterpiece

  2. Andrea Brook

    I own one of Paul’s books and LOVE it! I show it to everyone that comes in to my home and they all love it too! Thanks for doing such a beautiful book!

  3. G Boudreau

    We have a beautiful original clown that I bought in 1980. It is 18 x 20. a pastel of a single clown. I cherish him and also have the lovely book Mirrored Souls which I bought in 1989. I am so happy to have these pieces of art displayed in our home. They are different from most of our collection.

  4. P Burns

    Looking to sell Paul Murray’s book, Mirrored Souls A Study of Pau Murray’s Art, excellent condition, copywright 1989, also have three pictures stamped samples 1. Moonshiner, 2.Below Pippi passes 3.Evergreen.

    1. Admin

      Dear P. Burns
      The pictures stamped samples were call “TIp Ins” added after the book was bound. So they are apart of the book. The book is sold out now, but I haven’t considered taking it back to resell it for others. We have a few left we are selling for $345 and less a few times a year. Thanks for enjoying the historic work of Paul Murray. If you need an image to sell your book on Ebay or eslewhere I can help there. Kati-Jane Murray

  5. Keith Leveille

    Nice Website. Did you do this yourself?

  6. Paul Meunier

    I have a Pastel print from Paul Murray How many Clowns how much should I insurance it for . $$$$$$

  7. G Boudreau

    We have an original 20 X 16 pastel clown painted, and bought, in 1979 or 1980 when Paul was working in a barn around Harrow, Ontario. I cherish it and proudly display it along with some very good Canadian painters that we have collected through the years. The clown is in good hands. The cost of the painting was very little compared to it’s value today. I also bought the book Mirrored Souls when it was first published. I have been a long time fan of Paul Murray from well before he made a good name for himself.

  8. Clyde Kellogg

    Fell in love with your personal touch of every painting. This was one reason to come to the Smokey’s to get your paintings.

  9. Nancy Tapley

    We have come upon a fabulous print of How Many Clowns, complete with a small gold silhouette profile on the lower left. It says it is a “Poster” — and there is no edition number. It is wonderful… truly, and while we don’t want to sell it we would like to establish a value for it.

    Thanks for any help you can give us.

    1. Admin

      It is a high quality poster with a personal signature and drawing by Paul Murray thanks for enjoying your Paul Murray. Did you know how many clowns are in there?

      1. Linda Ouellette

        I have obtained a Paul Murray print of “To Many Clowns” It has the gold leaf signature and sketch in the lower left corner and the # 96 in gold leaf in the lower right corner. Image size about 12×16.Curious to know what kind of value it has.

        1. Admin

          The gold pen makes me think this is the poster which is out of print and selling for $150 if it has a round logo on the bottom right that says “How many clowns poster” areound the PM in the centre this is indeed the poster and has the value stated. If it is not glossy and show a white rag paper border on it that has a number out of /200 its value would be closer to $2500 thanks for inquiring. P.s. The poster is somewhat preserved with mostly acid free paper and could keep its value if framed properly. By the way there is 38 clown faces and part faces in the pastel drawing and Red Skeltonowns one. KatiJane Murray

  10. kimberley senior

    i have a print of how many clowns and in the left hand corner it says 29/200. i have had it for a couple of years. not sure if it is a collectors item ? if it is would it be worth do you think??

    1. Admin

      If it is numbered on the white border as you say here it has sold for as high as $2500 in the last 15-20 yrs hopes this helps. If the limited edition print of “how Many Clowns ” is framed with acid free materials, mats and backing board, and has not faded, this value would be true. Hope this helps.KatiJane Murray 875-436-8445

    2. Admin

      Here’s s tip there is 38 clown faces and partial clown faces it the pastel drawing. You need to look in a swirl from the outside and go around to the. Center to find them all. And noses count KJM

  11. kimberley a senior

    was just wondering, i have a print of how many the bottom left corner it says 2/200 signed twice by Paul murray. is this a collectors item? i have had it for a couple years, any idea what it would be worth?

    1. Admin

      Yes this is a valuable & rare piece. Go up to our search box & type clowns and a box will pop up that tells you the value of $2000 plus

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