The Paul Murray Galleries

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  1. barb mcelhaney

    I have Zoe full mouth in my dinning room everyone loves the picture.I sent one as a gift and they were wild about it.They collect Hudson River paintings.

    1. Admin

      Thanks so much for the compliment. I think most people that haven’t seen Paul’s work, might not think they would go out to hunt down a picture of a stranger on their walls. But when confronted with such masterful work and soul, Paul Murray’s folks quickly become like another member of the family. They just belong on the wall at home and in your heart. Thanks again. kati-Jane Murray. If you have any need for any other gifts, our mini giclee’s are a great success for this at $38.50 you can frame them for under $25 and you have a gift worth a thousand words!

  2. Danielle Cromwell

    Paul Murray has a God given talent. His artwork is outstanding. If you visit the Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge TN area his gallery is a must see!!

  3. Ted Stahler

    These pictures capture the Soul , the breath,and the character of these tough independent people of the Appalachian hill country. This is the true character of America.

    1. Admin

      Thank you so much. You got it right. Paul works hard to give you an exceptional experience when you view these people of the Mountains. The true spirit that settled this land and made it what it is. We hope you keep enjoying always. KJ Murray

  4. michael borton

    paul has captured the real american people. he reminds me of what it was like when my grandparents were alive ,and the way it was, when i would visit them.i just left pauls studio in gatlinburg tn,but not without taking another piece of art home with me.oh ,and two more in october.cannot wait to hang them with the rest my pictures.paul is very talented ,thats why i have as many pictures as i do.paul is a blessing to sure to check out his studio in person or on line.i think you will be touched too.

  5. frankie Martin

    I love your work. You are surely talented.

  6. Cyndee and Tom Snyder

    Where do I begin! Our hearts melt into the pictures every time we look at the pictures in our home or visit the gallery! We have visited many times through the years and are so touched by Paul’s heartfelt, fully energized work of art. We were honored to be able to spend some special time with Paul and Kathy a couple of weeks ago and we highly respect both of them! Paul may take a long time to finish an art piece because he works with it till he feels he has every aspect of the person he is portraying fully expressed ! We love that about Paul.
    Other special times we have shared at the gallery is listening to stories told by RED and we miss him and his wife a lot. Those stories will always lift us up and we hope to have many others times with Red and his beautiful wife!
    When you at in the Gatlinburg area do not miss stoping at the Paul Murray Gallery! It will enlighten you and change your life, it has ours! God bless!

  7. Carol B

    Have started enjoying Paul’s paintings from craft shows in Chatham since maybe the 80’s eg-The Ploughman–Aunt Emily– also few more but can’t recall their names. I love them all & rotate so can keep them in sight at all times. I would like to know where I can see the whole collection with modern subjects. Also like to have a price list. Since Paul doesn’t do craft show around this area, I have not been able to see his charcoal ? Pictures I know I’m missing out. He is such a talented artist.

    1. norm libby

      I have several paul murray prints all framed call me at 519 962 5332

  8. Debra Confer

    I saw your work at the Ann Arbor Art Festival in Michigan. Paul has a God Given Talent !!! Can’t wait to see you in Grand Rapids, Michigan at your Exhibit. Thank you for coming to Michigan. Debra Confer

    1. Admin

      Debra Thanks so much, we are looking forward to seeing you there, Dont forget your free Paul Murray art.

  9. Diane M. Wise

    Was at your gallery in August. You are so talented it is amazing!!!! You must stop at this gallery if you are there!!! Would love pictures on your website and prices so we could place orders. Is this possible???? Please let me know.

    1. Admin

      yep you can purchase off the website, there are prices under the picture names, most of the new stuff is in New Releases.
      Which ones were you looking for young or old mini 8 x 10’s or larger open editions under $60 or limited editions?
      Call me and tell me were you are looking please. Maybe I have forgotten to add the proper info in the website. I could use the help. Kati-jane Murray 1-800-567-3220

  10. kathy

    I saw you at art prize. You are fantastic! Hope you win. Love your stories that go with the your work. God gave you a great skill.

    1. Admin

      -Thanks for your support. We hope to come back next year and maybe help out a charity.
      Happy Holidays, Paul & Kati-Jane Murray, 800-567-3220

  11. Marty Borton

    We are so honored to have been drawn as winners. We love the new pieces and are so happy that you are still there. We have to visit everytime we come down but we are now running out of wall space and do not want to remove a single one to put up another. We will still continue to come as we love to see what is next. You are both special people and God has surely blessed Paul with a talent. Until we see you again. Let us say thank you so much and God bless. Mike and Marty Borton

  12. Keith Douglas

    Come visit us here in Alabama!
    Much Love & Respect,
    Keith & Suzanne Douglas

  13. Marlene Owens

    Visiting the Paul Murray art studio was one of my favorite things to do in Gatlinburg. His art is truly amazing. What amazing talent to see such a God given gift. Kathy Jane thank you for all the information and the history that you gave us!
    It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for signing our prints.
    His art has captured our heart and I’m sure it will capture everyone else’s who sees it. Looking forward to starting my own collection.
    It was truly a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Kathy Jane.

    Dawson and Marlene Owens

  14. Cheryl

    I dont know much about art. But I know what I like. This work speaks to me and makes me smile!
    Thank You for Sharing

  15. Bob

    Hello. Pauls work is beautiful ! Anyone interested in owning some of his best work, contact me. Aunt Emily, Morning Wake up and Wormwood all signed and numbered by Paul.

  16. Carol Eagles

    I went to your studio but it was closed. I finally managed to find your work at a shop in Gatlinburg. I am hopelessly in love with your work. I am going back tomorrow to buy some prints and hopefully I will be able to send them to you so you can sign them. Thank you, thank you for giving me such joy. Carol, Ontario, Cda

  17. Jo Holder

    My granddaughter and I were in the shop in Gatlinburg yesterday. Danny told me he had spoken to Kathy and there was a possibility we could meet Mr. Murray on Monday. I purchased “Shoestrings” and my granddaughter has a small print we would possibly like to have signed. If we could meet tomorrow please contact me at 321 317 7631. We were going back to Florida but decoded to wait until Tuesday in case we could meet. I was here last month and fell in love with his work. It is amazing. I will look forward to your answer. Thank you. Jo Holder.

    1. Admin

      Jo sorry the reviews on my website do not let me know someone is waiting for a response. Please call or email me next time you are in town and we will see how Pauls schedule is. Thanks for helping us keep a glimpse of the past alive KatiJane Murray 865-436-8445

  18. Ruth Olmstead

    Hello Paul and Kati-Jane,
    It was a pleasure to briefly chat with you at your studio
    while recently visiting Gatlinburg. Experiencing your amazing gallery within the Great Smokey Arts & Crafts Community was the highlight of my Tennessee vacation. Paul’s drawings and paintings are so very sensitive, and beautifully portray lives of the people of the Appalacian mountains. Thank you Paul for sharing your profound gifts of illustrative story-telling with all who see your work. The pieces I bought are hanging in a special place in our home, where we can admire them and share them with friends and family. I look forward to seeing more of your art when you next show at the Coconut Grove (Miami) or Las Olas (Ft. Lauderdale) Art Festivals!
    Best wishes,
    Ruth Olmstead
    Miami, Florida

    1. Admin

      Ruth thank you so very much for the review on our website. We are so glad we could add to your trip and home. We so appreciate your time spent giving this review, but we hope to have new people find us, and the TripAdvisor site lists first, the top sites in the area with the most good reviews. If you could take this review and share with tourists thst are trying to find something to do when in Gatlinburg, we would appreciate it. Thanks you so much for helping us keep a glimpse of the past alive. katiJane & Paul Murray

  19. Kathy

    I recently had the privilege to visit the Gatlinburg gallery with family and friends. All of us found Pauls’ work exquisite and daunting. We found the background on the subjects intriguing, giving us a whole new appreciation for
    the folks of Appalachia. Paul, continue in the astonishing work and love you have for these people. Kathy- Massachusetts

    1. Admin

      Kathy thanks so very much for your review. It thanks a lot that you took time to share your experience. If it is not too much trouble, new tourists looking for things to do mostly look on TripAdvisor, your words can help people find Paul Murray for the first time thru this format. I believe there is a link on our front page of the website to help make this easier its you have any time thanks again and come on back and enjoy us on your next trip. KatiJane

  20. Julie-Ann Friedrich

    I have Paul Murray paintings that I am looking to sell. My mother loved his artwork, but has passed away. Do you know of any buyers looking for his artwork? I have some signed and framed, and some signed but not framed. Are you able to help in any way?

    1. Doreen Moore

      I’m interested in buying some pieces depending on price
      Can you send me names of pics and prices for each one
      If you have pics can you send me pics
      Thank you

  21. Annette Learn

    Hi Kati Jane…
    I am so enjoying my paintings.
    I’VE just acquired
    A Story of Paul Murray’s Art’
    I am so intrigued by the stories being told in this lovely memoir.
    I have been missing writing to you on FB.
    Please stay in touch.

    1. Admin

      Hey Annette, So glad you have a chance to enjoy the book. Paul helped write that and it seems to carry through it the same sensitive heart and intimacey that his painting do. What out for the newsletters, Paul is writting new stories for us there too. KJ

  22. Gwen Yarbrough

    Love Paul Murray’s work !! Amazing artist !!!

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