Aunt Emily new release canvas’s

4 comments on “Aunt Emily new release canvas’s
  1. Precious says:

    She has a lot to say… yet she’s saying it all in ur work. Luv it.’ Thanks Paul;-)

  2. Erin McKee says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent. I went to a charming antique store, downtown Gatlinburg, and when I first saw the Aunt Emily painting, I immediately teared up.
    It’s beautiful, it pulled on my memories of my own grandmother who lived in rural Kentucky. She was as emotionally hard and course in the face, but a giving, kind heart. She would slave away, using all her food supply, even though extremely poor, to feed you a big warm meal. But, you never wanted to disappoint her.

    I just wanted to write and thank you for the needed “emotional unblocker” to help me cry, and remind me of the kind of women I want to be…Simple.

  3. Noma Talbott says:

    Thank you so much for the beauty you have captured. The souls who are portrayed in your gallery are a reminder that humility and grace in everyday living are what life is or should be all about. We loved being in your gallery – we will enjoy for many years and pass along as treasures the paintings of Joseph and Daniel. With every good wish for your continued success.

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