“Joseph was a very private person; quiet and shy with people, always polite and warm. He never said a
lot, but that wasn’t because he didn’t have a lot to say. He was well spoken, but never went looking for
conversation. When he did speak, you knew he was telling you something important. This portrait
illustrates that bashfulness and without the quality of his eyes meeting yours, there is a sense of mystery
about what he is looking at and thinking about. His warmth is evident in the natural grace of his profile,
which encourages a desire to know and understand him.
Daniel was a mystery to everyone for decades. He was always there on the farm working the horse
and living among his secrets, shrouded in mystery. He wore old engineer caps and rumpled blue denim
overalls. I’d marvel at his hair and beard, long, wispy and white. His face was weathered by the elements
and deepened by the weight of his years.
Although they both died some years ago, I have not forgotten the many things about them that have
enriched by life.”………………………Paul Murray
Joey told Paul of a dream he had, of floating in the clouds. A peace and joy he felt, like never before. Paul was trying to capture this in “Towards the Final Light”. He actually went in and took out the body of the horse and part of Joey and the corn stocks and more to leave this feeling of floating.

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