Towards the Final Light work in progress Exclusive edition

Exclusive Edition Oil Painting 22″ x 40″ (S/N 50)

Canvas Giclée Large 28″ x 52″ (S/N 50)

Open Maxi 8.5″ x 14″

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Canvas Giclée Large28 × 52 cm CAD$3,900.00
Maxi Open Edition8.5 × 14 cmCAD$78.00
Canvas Giclée Medium22 × 40 cm CAD$2,820.00


An exclusive edition an unfinished award winning oil that is nearly done. Chosen by thousands of people as one of the top painting amongst almost 2000. Paul Murray was able to let the viewer understand the process and work involved in the old world style way painting realism. Look to the far right of the picture; the rope on the horse is mostly only 30% done, with the rough dark lines and harsh highlights, only the underwashes showing. Yet look to the top of the horses collar and see the near finished rope. Look to the bottom of the horses collar; see the roughed in blue and white boxes in the material padding, square and bold, again these are just started with under- washes. Follow the padding up the side of the leather collar and see the padding become aged, worn and torn. Joey the old gentleman has a left hand that is this same undone stage, while his right hand is almost complete. See if you can pick out the details that show as unfinished. This technique was practiced by masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, even Andrew Wyeth. Paul Murray is remembering a story of a dream Joey told him about, “I was floating in the clouds” Paul has painted out the corn stalks, below Joey’s waiste and half of the horse – Clyde’s body. This negative space and the way it is presented gives it that floating quality.

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