Silk & Satin Pastel

Limited Edition 8″ x 8″ (S/N 680)

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Pastel Print8 × 8 cmCAD$114.00


Well, by the way Milt’s lookin’, you would think anything but silk & satin! Milt maneuvers the meanest face he can while holding his gun and glaring at the two strangers coming upon his small cabin far in the mountains of Appalac, in fact, we became friends for over 20 years. For any that might not know, these mountain friendships with ” furriners” are an honor. A bachelor, Milt lived happily in a simple cabin in the hills surrounded by things that he loved; his critters, his gun & clock collection, his garden and, not least of all, a yard full of clutter. Not just any clutter! Among the old boots and bottles there were parts, metal and more than that! His inspiration would invent any new tool to solve any project. Milt was not a sweet, polished man but to Paul & I, he was a real, living truth, close to earth, with no pretense……anything but Silk & Satin. It was an honor to be a friend of such a man.

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