Shine Still – Levi , Pencil DETAIL

Limited Edition Pencil Sketch 11″ x 14.25″ (S/N 450)

Pencil Sketch with Gallery Wrap (S/N 450)

Pencil Sketch Small Framed (S/N 450)


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Pencil Sketch-45011 × 14.25 inCAD$354.00
Pencil Sketch-450N/ACAD$426.00
Pencil Sketch-450N/ACAD$594.00


“I’s Build me a cabin if only I could, I’d make me a shine still deep in the wood, I’d get me a plough mule and work ‘em June thru ‘til May, reckin’ you won’t find me ‘til judgement day.” “I Feel close to Levi. He has a particular way about him. We took to each other the first time we met, and I feel very comfortable with him. He calls me “Buddy”. Levi is the ...

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