L’il Josh Pastel

Limited Edition (13″ x 13″) (S/N 680)

Maxi Open Edition (11″ x 12.5″)

Mini Matted Edition (8″ x 10″)

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FormatInsurance ValueS/NDimensionsPriceQuantity 
Limited Edition-68013 × 13 inCAD$150.00
Maxi Open Edition--11 × 12.5 inCAD$60.00
Mini Matted Edition--8 × 10 inCAD$46.20


“A glimpse of light christens L’il Josh as he sits on his grandmother’s knee. He’s happy; his bottle and how to make everyone laugh at him are his only cares today!…..Remember those simple days…..” “Where I research the people of the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee, the traditional lifestyle rarely shares with its children. They’re a rare find. Josh’s family have welcomed us into their home……I thank them for sharing with us this ...

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