Homeward – Oil (Part 1)

Canvas Giclée (S/N 35)


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Canvas Giclée MediumN/ACAD$390.00


“Red & Wilma act as if you’re a good friend as they invite you, a stranger, to their home for a good country dinner” Bring the smile into your days while you share the goodness of the old, trusted ways.  There’s not many people like Red and Wilma (and Dolly the donkey) anymore.”

This special Exclusive Special Edition paper Giclee’ of only 35, is the only version of the undone original oil. In the midst of working on this painting, Paul Murray hung it out in his gallery for us to view. It has been a few years now, and he has yet to finish the last 60%. We all fell in love with it as is, and he has let 35 of you own a copy. These will be the only copies of this painting version, as it will change drastically when done.  Paul Murray uses thin washes of oil and slowly builds up the layers – glazing. A process he found while researching the old Renaissance artists like Rembrandt. This process means that he can take months and years to finish pieces. Many areas are still raw at an -underpainting stage -where Paul Murray is taking the painting further. Wilma is only 15% done; her face has a lot of white showing thru and will have many more transparent layers on it, while Red has more work done on it but still has 50% more layering to go.

Look at the lantern it almost looks lit; check out the fine red line all around the outside of it. This, again, is a technique learned from the masters. Keep a watch to see if and what Paul Murray changes for the final version of this painting. This is a rare opportunity to see the process behind the art piece. Even at this stage, the viewer can feel the strength of the soul-capturing experience Murray’s talent can bring.