Aunt Emily Pencil

Limited Edition (14″ x 15″) (S/N 680)

Maxi Open Edition 11″ x 12.5″

Mini Matted Edition 8″ x 10″

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Limited Edition-68014 × 15 inCAD$255.00
Maxi Open Edition-11 × 12.5 inCAD$65.00


“Aunt Emily” from an original pencil by Paul Murray “There sat Aunt Emily (103) by the window, in her favorite chair – like a queen on her throne.  Her royal cape over her shoulders, the delicate light of dawn dancing over her face.  Her all-knowing glimmer, the secrets she holds, her forever majesty.”  -Paul Murray- Aunt Emily had never been more than 6 miles from home. The same as her mother and mother’s mother; imagine ...

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