All Mine Pastel

Limited Edition 13″ x 15″ (S/N 680)

Maxi Open Edition 11″ x 12.5″

Mini Matted Edition (8″ x 10″)

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FormatInsurance ValueS/NDimensionsPriceQuantity 
Limited Edition-68013 × 15 inCAD$318.00
Maxi Open Edition--N/ACAD$60.00
Mini Matted Edition--N/ACAD$46.20


“You’ve seen their faces; you’ve heard their voices. Always, they’ll stand solemn and aloof as a stranger approaches. They tell me’ …if you ain’t bin born in these here mountins, yer a furriner ferever’. They are hopeful faces, shy faces. This is a place of melancholy beauty and bucolic melancholy. In such isolated hollows live the remaining so-called “Hillbillies of Appalachia” and my new series. I will take you to places in the Southern Appalachians that ...

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