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  1. Paul S. Benoit

    This is an amazing picture, very powerful. You captured way more than a physical resemblence of Aunt Emily. Her very essence seems to be with you when you view the painting. If you never painted another painting this alone would qualify you as a most gifted painter. I envy the person who will be the caretaker of this painting for future generations.

  2. Gloria Boudreau

    Many years ago I came across a young artist in a barn in the Harrow, ontario area. That young man was Paul Murray,I fell in love with a clown and purchased it. |my sister bought 2 small oil paintings, one of a racoon and the other of a winter village. She begged you to do a clown for her, which you did later. These clowns are large wnd well framed and with acid free paper. We had this done and the artist who did it was very impressed as was Dorothy Oxborough (a beautiful artist of aboriginal children).I also have a first edition of Mirrored Souls. Please give me an idea of the approximate value. We are elderly \(87 &84) and I want the family to appreciate the value when they inherite them,
    Thank you so very much and continued good luck with your lovely works, Gloria Boudreau 905 894 3482

  3. Randy Scott

    Paul it’s so nice to see the advancement of your craft and that you stuck with it for all these years. I heard some years ago from my old art teacher that our old public school still had a piece of my art on display. It was a great feeling to know that it still around. Of couse I proudly gave it to the art teacher who showed me how to enjoy the act of creating. I thought you would be pleased to know I still have your clown pastel. It’s odd, but every time I look into it I always observe myself and never had a need to look any deeper.

    Hope it makes your day.

    Your Friend


    1. Admin

      Dear Randy,
      Paul says you went to school with his older brother Doug. Thanks for the compliment. It is a blessing to be able to continue his art and pass on the history and give back to communities. I feel strongly that the people I preserve are rich in many ways, and that they have been shelter from lifes supperficial trials. Their hearts are innocent to our self imposed drudge of progress, the rat race. I hope others continue to enjoy my work for many years as you have. Paul Murray, re Kati-Jane Murray

  4. Liddie Rose

    Absolutely wonderful, I saw this in Cowboys and Indians and had to check out
    your website. WOW! would I ever love to have this ability. Thank you for sharing

  5. Jana Peterson

    I have an original of yours I believe and I would love to know the story because it looks so much like my little girls

    1. Admin

      Please browse the website and tell me which pictures it looks like, then I may be able to know which you are talking about. Kati-Jane Murray or call 1-888-728-5687

  6. John Wuschenny

    I have a few artist proof called sleigh bells it is 5/65 ap.also the centuries old harness bell with it . It’s in it’s original shipping cardboard. Also little fanny too. I would just like to know the value on the two, I love the pieces I have but I could part with them. Thank you!

  7. Mike Samson

    Hi Paul,

    How’s it going Paul, its been a very long time. Some of your recent works are very impressive, who knew you would be so successful. I hope all is well with your brother and sister.

    I’m curious about a painting you did for may parents back in 1979. For insurance purposes do you have any ideas of its approximate value, if any.

    It was scenic painting of some mountains and a river, I could provide a picture if required.

    I hope all is well.



    1. Admin

      Sorry Mike I just got this notice from the website the picture , if it is an original will take a while to appraise. the miminal cost is $45-75. It is actually a fair bit of work. We hope you enjoy it. YOu can call the office at 1-800-567 -3220

  8. Robin Briggs

    I bought the original pencil used for the “pie makers” prints. I believe their were 125 prints in the original printing. Do you know if there are any of these prints still for sale. I still have the original but a friend would dearly love a print. I think they were first issued about 25 years ago – seems like yesterday!


    1. Ruth Lewis

      Hi Robin: My husband & I have a print of the “Pie Makers” & it is for sale.
      Actually, we have two Printer’s proofs # 8/10 and 10/10.
      Both are remarqued.
      We also have many other pieces of Paul’s work for sale.
      Please contact at the above address.

    2. J wild

      I have one of the prints framed and matted that I would sell. Write me back at if still interested

    3. J M Wild

      I have a framed matted one if you are still interested

  9. Susan Wilson

    In the 90’s I was buying a few prints, when you were still in Ontario.Your work is still amazing and you found your place in this world, that was your calling. We are the same age, I bought my first at a show in Wilberforce??? I am still looking for the clown poster.I love it.Could you maybe e-mail me if one becomes available.Thank you, have a great summer. Maybe, if Justin Trudeau wins our election, his Dad, Mom and Justin, could become an instant seller. Pierre was such a gentleman. It turns out the one guy, that was charged for claiming/overcharging expenses,was another child of Mr.Trudeau, Mike Duffy.Don’t you just love Canadian politics. Have a great summer Paul, I will be watching your site for the next little while. Yours Sincerely, Susan Wilson.

    1. Admin

      We have a couple of “how Many Clowns” call me so I can reserve you one 865-436-8445

  10. Linda

    In regards to Robin Briggs request looking for Pie Makers for sale, I have the prints 26/275 available for sale.

  11. Susan Horncastle

    I am from a company in Ontario and I had a print of yours come in for a charity event to sell. When I came across it I was just not comfortable putting a price on it and putting it in a garage sale. The Charity event was a large garage sale and the proceeds are going to Hopewell Children’s Homes. The print is # 174 of 275 of Baking Flour & 1884 – 1984 Pastel faces Zoe & Joey.
    I guess my question is what should I do with this beautiful piece of art?

    1. Admin

      Please call me at our Tennessee gallery before November 10 at 865-436-8445. You were right the value could cave as high as $2500 if it has been kept outside of the sunlight and framed with acid free mats and backing. Hope this helps. Sorry for the delay, but this review function does not trigger a notification to me the best way is to email or call. Info@

  12. gisele lessard

    what is the name of the ruggaber girl?…i live on elmstead rd as does my sister in law who is a ruggaber…she doesnt recognize her…i recently read your book mirrored souls and would like to pass it along to someone in the ruggaber family

    1. Admin

      ANDREA is the Ruggaber girl she should middle age. Paul met her in 70-80’s when she worked at Lyles produce in St Clair Beach near Brighton. Pauls book is sold out and worth $350 now, just thought I’d let you know. Say hey to ANDREA and tell her to give us a ring when you find her 865-436-8445. Kati & Paul

  13. john rutkowsky

    looking at a lithograph by paul murray hand signed any information on it would be great its called ragman i can be reached at also what its value would be

    1. Admin

      Ragman was a labour of love for Paul Murray. The drawing itself was created from an unique situation. Paul’s family church had a play with the minister “Chuck Congram” playing “The Ragman” from a christian story. THis story was published and was put with the picture if I remember right. The church gave Paul Murray a small black & white photograph of Chuck Congram at the age of 18 and asked him to make the given picture. We were glad to offer the prints that we paid for its publishing, hoping this would help the church raise money for their new church building. ALthough we worked closely with the church to help them sell this print, this edition was never sold out. This therefore makes the image value at the issue price of $100. I hope this helps you, any further question please call us 865-436-8445 KatiJane Murray

  14. Pam Crocker

    I saw a painting of an Appalacian woman holding a gun an wish that I had bought a print. Is it available as a postcard?

  15. Brad & Connie Johnson

    Enjoyed visiting your gallery last october
    We have a “Joseph n bells” print we purchased from Gay Ann’s store
    Visited with Paul’s wife that day
    We would love to buy more but with limited busget andspace
    We look forward to our next visit
    Thank you so much for spending time with us and sharing stories and information on Paul and his works

  16. Joan

    I have a Tennessee Bonnet Print #251/450. It looks like a water colour, but your website shows it is oil. I’m looking for the current value to insure it. Can you confirm that it’s oil and that the value listed on your website is current?

    1. Admin

      Joan, You do have a limited edition of the “oil painting of Tennessee Bonnet” by Paul. He uses old world masters techniques that are called “Glazing” this is finely applied transparent layers of oil. Rembrandt used these techniques. So although this may look like a watercolor it is an oil and the value shown on the insurance guide on the order/inquire then click on our insurance guide. The amount listed is the most current value. Let me know if I can help you further. I am sorry about the delay in responding, please email me in the future with any questions or support needs. info @ or call 800-567-3220

  17. Tori

    Thank you for having such a wonderful body of work, shining a light on the history of the area. Love your pieces that I picked up in 2017. They make a beautiful gallery wall in my new home and bring back happy memories of my road-trip through Tennessee. You will be missed, but I wish you a bright future in your future endeavors!

    1. Admin

      Thanks for your appreciation of Paul’s art. Please keep in touch with our emails and new projects that will bring the mountains and its people closer to you with intimate reality experiences. Paul and Legendary musicians will share their talents as well. You can also call or email us to make sure you are taken care of. Thanks for your patronage.

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