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  1. Jane Kelly

    Love your work

  2. Teresa Vidrine

    I visited your Gatlinburg gallery and met Joanna. Had a lovely visit and made a new friend. Looking forward to your new showing.

    1. Admin

      Thanks allot, we are in Canada at Paul’s home town. We are a feature at the Devonshire Mall with 2 locations. Its keeping us busy, but we love meeting all our patrons. Merry Christmas hope to see you soon. Kati-JaneM

  3. BobDouglas

    Looking for a price on the 33 x 42 Red & Dolly.

    Home Phone 519-974-6588
    Cell 519-796-0708

    1. Admin

      Bob did you get the prices you wanted. I know we were emailing, I still haven’t got a photo of the unfinished original of”howeward” (with Donkey “Dolly” & Red & Wilma in the huge mtnscapte )that Paul is working on he saw me setting it up in photoshop and stoped me from putting it on facebook. I wll see what I can do for you still.
      Kati-Jane M

  4. Cat

    What an unbelievable deal on Santa, and for a great cause too. Can’t wait to get mine!

  5. Loretta Goff

    When I saw this, I was taken back by the detail! It is a beauty in any of the forms! Again, Paul has done wonderful work!

  6. Jen

    I have a few pieces of Paul’s artwork that while beautiful, I would be interested in selling. I have 2 mini’s (Lidle Cumberland in pastels AND All Mine in pastels) – both are framed in very ornate frames. I also have 2 approx. 8×10 in size framed and signed (Almost Spring – Joey & Kiten AND Aunt Emily). Pictures available upon request. Any idea how I might go about locating an interested buyer? Or what price range these items might fall into? Thanks in advance!

    1. Admin

      Dear Jen,
      The pieces you have don’t seem to be signed & numbered limited editions. As far as an investment, they don’t really have one. People can still purchase them at our store for the same price. Maybe you could see if you could sell them yourself for what you have in them or donate them to a charity and ask for a reserve bid to get your investment back. I hope this helps, we wish you our best. Thanks for helping keep a glimpse of the past alive. KJ Murray

  7. Joan Elliott

    Hello Katie-Jane…

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy Paul’s artwork. I first seen it when I lived in Windsor Ontario. I was in an art gallery on Tecumseh I think. I seen a framed print of the Clown faces. I should have bought it then but didn’t. Is it still available? Is Paul’s work still available in Canada? I now live in Hamilton are there galleries that carry his work near here? Appreciate the info.
    Joan Elliott

  8. Ann Lowry

    My husband and I love the innocent and beautiful capturing of the children that Paul does. His work has bought us much pleasure. We just returned from another visit to his gallery in Gatlinburg and have two more treasures to frame and hang in our home. That makes us have eight of his pieces in our home. I especially love our little miss drawing.
    Thanks for your talent and dedication to the world of art.

  9. Keith Leveille

    Hello little brother and sister. We love you both!!
    —Keith & Renemary Leveille

  10. Carol Bentall

    Hi Katie, Just wanted you to know how much we miss you here in Tobermory. Absolutely love the painting “Awake Asleep” Will be ordering one later. Best wishes to you and Paul Carol

    1. Admin

      Thanks so much, I adore the people in Tobermory and miss you dearly, You all made it worth while. But it was sad to say when I drove away, My heart sang. I was finally from a few of the deeper & haunting bad memories there, know healing and happy. We would love to see you at any of our exhibits anytime.
      Grand Rapids Michigan is supposed to be somethin else!! Sept 24 – Oct 9 We really need support there it is critical to our future.
      Hope all is well with you.
      Thanks for the thought and the note
      Kati-Jane Murray 1-519-377-799

  11. Vivian Haney

    My sister and I were in Gatlinburg about 4 years ago staying at the Buckhorn Inn. We were making the artist loop when we ran upon this old house and an elderly lady was outside making lye soap. There was a sign out front that this was Paul’s place of business. We came on in and were made to feel right at home by Paul’s lovely wife. After looking around, we both fell in love with Lil Miss. My sister was able to buy the one that Paul drew himself but I was only able to afford an gilcee’ of it. Much to our surprise, Paul and Red walked in and Paul took our pictures that were framed to wrap them for us. Much to my surprise, when I opened mine Paul had not only written his name in gold on the glass on the front but he has also drawn a picture of the mountains on the back and had written “Some place in the Blue Ridge Mountains” on the back and signed his name. I am so proud of my picture even though it is not an original!! I also bought a small one of Red and he sat outside and signed it for me. God bless you all for making me feel so special!!! Paul, your work is amazing and I love it all!!! And thank you for the hospitality!!!

  12. Marlene Marczak

    When will reproductions be available for ” Towards the Final Light.” Saw it in Grand Rapids MI and it touched my heart.

    1. Admin

      The prints of “Towards the final light” will be ready in spring. Do you want me to hold one for you at 40% off. You can order your favorite number as well.

  13. Dan Hogan

    I was in your gallery two weekends ago and I purchased two prints of pencil sketches. One was Milt Cox, Gunslinger and the other was John Profit with Ol’ Woman. I love your talent and work. I am interested in purchasing a print of another pencil/coal sketch of Kentucky Coal. I am curious what it would cost to have one shipped to Indianapolis, Indiana and what different size prints that you have? I look forward to your response.

    Thanks, Dan Hogan

    1. Admin

      So sorry Dan di you get your notice on the website, due to linking error. Can I still help you. There is over 10 different ways to contact me and this one is lacking. Call me if I can get you any Kentucky Coal? 800-567-3220 Kati-Jane Murray

  14. Patricia Seither

    Kati, can’t wait for my new picture, The hideaway. I have loved Pauls pictures of the precious girls. I am so sorry we did not get there this year, hoping for next year. Will call and check to see when you are in Tenn next year. Have a Merry Christmas.

  15. Dawn K Doster

    hi i have 3 special pieces that i bought in the early 80’s, wormwood 80 joseph quellette signed paul murray
    ,piemakers@with a little pie in corner piemakers 67,then 4 pictures in large frame of quelette brothers farming,standing at the old stove inside,both reading a letter,one balling hey and small pic of a old man signed 34-325 what are they worth i keep getting the run around

  16. Patricia Seither

    Hi Katie
    My daughter Lisa and I so enjoyed our visit with you. I’m going to have to add a room on to put all of my beautiful pictures of my sweet girls. I hope you are feeling better and sending you a big hug. Tell Paul hello from us. See you next year.

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