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  1. Rosanne Heft

    I purchased the Slieghbells print of Paul Murrays about 18 years ago and still love it and was trying to get what it’s value today is for insurance purposes, your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Admin

      We are not taking on any more secondary market sellers right now. We do have an international clientelle and suggest you list on EBay or sites like that. Good luck, if you need a picture of the image I can supply you with one. Make sure to use the website in you info so people can check out hte value themselves. Kati-Jane Murray p.s. we may be eventually listing specific old ones for sale on our website so keep in touch. Kati-Jane Murray

  2. Emma Louise

    I enjoy the three prints I bought from you a year or two ago.

  3. Connie Hilbert

    I love all nine prints that I have. I first saw a print in the welcome center at Gatlinburg………I was drawn to it instantly. I did not buy it at first. (I have enough pictures on my walls). I left and hiked to a water falls, and stopped on the way back down so that I could use the restroom, only to be drawn back in the gift shop to purchase the print. The cashier asked if I read the story on the back. I didn’t even know there was one. I didn’t look at the back. I instantly knew why I was drawn to the picture. It was Joey looking at the final light. You see My husbands name was Joey, he passed away eight months prior to my visit. He was right there with me on that visit. I absolutely love Paul’s work and will continue to add to my collection.

  4. Vicki Helm

    Coming by your studio is a highlight for me when I come to the mountains. I have a couple of pieces, they are small but I treasure them. I remember my husband and I sitting on the porch listening to the storyteller. My husband and Red(?) are gone now, but I will have the memories forever.

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