Sept. 11 to 15 Celebrity Hosted Edu-vacation & Hoot’n Nanny

2 comments on “Sept. 11 to 15 Celebrity Hosted Edu-vacation & Hoot’n Nanny
  1. Nora Rehner says:


    Are there any openings for your September event?


    • Admin says:

      Nora, So sorry to have missed your message here on the website. We were sold out in September but we can give you an early bird discount for March 4-8 2020. Would you like to come? I can sign you up for our e-newsletters if you like so you won’t miss a thing! I have so many ways people can contact me that I have a hard time keeping up with the website leads. Please feel free to email me directly in the future. info @ I will email you now to review this information and give you the best service I can. Kati-Jane Murray

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