Paul Murray’s new sculpting in straw!?!

Paul Muray straw truck best 1st plce type xflowers n stillBirds nests for lights, gourds for horns and ornaments. All straw, no frame underneath. It sits off the ground on 4 straw tires. So how’d he do it? Watch this for a hint! Note Cards available $5.75 or 5 for $25

Click link for TV interview-

4 comments on “Paul Murray’s new sculpting in straw!?!
  1. Sylvia Lawing says:

    Oh my- this is wonderful. Paul you see inside things, what a gift.

  2. Sylvia Lawing says:

    I had the most wonderful time visiting your gallery. As I said, you are an amazing man. My son was born with the gift of music.He had a heart condition and wasn’t able to play like other children. But,God gave him a gift of music. He was playing guitar at the age of three.For 32 years he gave his beautiful music to the world. You also were born with a rare gift.You see inside the souls of people. You recognize the beauty of things, especially aged things.Thank you for your years of giving. You will leave a legacy of beauty and grace. Because of you….people will know and remember the value of yesterday.You will have made a profound difference in the world.Thank you again.

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for the review and thank you for your time and for sharing your gift. Hugs KJ. SYLVIA it helps to share reviews on Trip Advisor so people that have never heard of Paul Murray can see what he has to offer. The we can make new appreciators. Thanks again KJ

      • Girl….thank you and I am ahead of you. The review is on Trip Advisor already. It may be in the approval stage. Probably will show up today.I had a wonderful time. Thank you to you and Paul. Have a blessed and beautiful day 🙂

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