Kentucky Coal live drawing, refined in studio

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Original study for Charcoal "Kentucky Coal" Standing in front of her Grandma's cabin, holding her puppy. “Her big beautiful eyes connect you to her world. Her soul seems to draw you inward to a place to bucolic innocence. Born in the coal fields, from a long line of miners, she’ll break the tradition by not going down under. We think she’ll break a lot of our hearts as well.”............... Paul’s intimate and powerful talent brings you so close to her, you could almost know what she is thinking and what she is doing or what is in her world. She lives in coal mining country deep in the woods of the Appalachian Mountains; the only girl in a long row of boys. She will break the tradition of five generations of coal miners. She’ll not be going down below with that deadly black dust. Her gentle, but knowing, look shows she is wide open to embrace the world and make a difference.” -Paul Murray- She has great possibilities - non of which include the short life her forefathers have chosen.