Music’n Arts Collide

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Music ‘n Arts Collide LIVE!

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Paul Murray won a “WEA” Windsor Endowment for the Arts supports our school tours Yeah! Do you want to learn more? Call 519-377-7979 Kati Jane is there to help.

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Student Workshop Art Excitement

Student Workshop Masterclass & discovery, Murray reviews students work.


A Windsor Star: May 30 Coverage

A Windsor Star: May 30 Coverage


Shoreline Article: June 3

Paul Murray “Passing it Foward with Speed Show paintings” Shoreline Article: June 3



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He has impressed everyone from ages 16 – 88. Previous show comments: J. Drew a production manager at Caesars Windsor “I’ve seen hundreds of shows and Paul’s is as good as any”. Veterans of theatre and entertainment industry, Lois Comartin says “ I’d go see it again and again.” People find they have never seen anything like it before and keep wanting to see it again and again. This seems a great compliment in times like today.

Watch multiple paintings come alive in minutes, as Murray’s brushes become a symphony of magical color & soul. Super – sized canvases become larger than life tributes. Incredible feats choreographed to remarkable rock & blues music. A groundbreaking performance of talent greats, full of suspense, intrigue and shock click_here_contact