Lil Miss

Lil Miss
4 comments on “Lil Miss
  1. MaKenna Lewis says:

    I would like to inquire about the price of the sketch “Lil Miss” it is absolutely stunning!

    • Admin says:

      MaKenna What would your like to know, we have canvas prints, original studies. What could I send home with you?
      Kati-Jane Murray 800-567-3220

  2. Mazie Eaton says:

    It’s Mazie in Athens, Al. What do you have available in lil Miss for immediate sale? do you have one in color?
    I enjoy “Looking to the final light” every day.
    Such a wonderful experience getting to visiting the Gallery and meeting you and Paul.
    Love and Blessings

    • Admin says:

      Maze so great you had a good time at our gallery. We have “Lil Miss” starting at 45 mounted on black mat. Then there is just the Maxi Print at about 9” x 10”. Then you get into the limited editions at $199 for the canvas when on sale usually $325. The limited edition is approx 17” x 15”.
      We hope your having a great year. Looking forward to seeing you again. Kati-Jane