Ouellette Series & The Last of the Legend Series

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  1. Alan E Swartz says:

    I have a Daniel Oil (unframed) # 349. I would be willing to part with this art, as I have another in a frame. I really haven’t thought of a(ny) price yet but would, certainly, not refuse reasonable, “market value” offers. My preference, though, is to trade this print for a Sleigh Bells – Joseph and Daniel Oil. I had purchased Sleigh Bells a long time ago, and my framer “made off with the print” (as he closed up shop, and disappeared)……broke my heart, as I loved this print (c/w the sleigh bells and accompanying print). Any help you can provide here would be graciously, and gratefully, appreciated. Thanks, Alan

    • Vince Francia says:

      We have the AP 65/65 Daniel and joseph with accompanying kittens and bells. Both prints were framed by Murray gallery and have the bells included in the frame. We are looking to see them–they would have to go as a complete set.

  2. pauline gilmour says:

    I have a Wormwood Pastel of Joey Ouellette that I would like to sell. it is #460/500. can you recommend any web sites i can display it on? the original owner has passed away.

    • Admin says:

      The value is beside the Wormwood picture & story on the Ouellette Series as well as in the insurance guide, both on the website. We are not taking on any more secondary market sellers right now. We do have an international clientelle and suggest you list on EBay or sites like that. Good luck, if you need a picture of the image I can supply you with one. Make sure to use the website in you info so people can check out hte value themselves. Sincerely Kati-jane Murray

    • Admin says:

      Ebay seems to work well. the value is listed here http://paulmurray.com/orderinquire/insurance-guide/
      contact me at info@paulmurray.com if you need anything else. Kati-Jane Murray

  3. Rick Veenstra says:

    I have a Blue Denim number 27 of 275 in original framing purchased from the artist at
    “the Festival of Friends” in Hamilton, Ontario in August of 1984 (?). Would sell for any reasonable offer. Please contact me through this avenue. Thanks for looking.

  4. Cathy Stotts says:

    Hi Kathy, I am not sure if you remember but we briefly met this past winter while you were hosting a PM sale at Estetica. I had brought in the picture of Winter Day’s. It was framed and in the bottom left corner is a sketch of a man chopping wood. There was also second framed picture which looks like a sketch of Joseph. Unfortunately I can’t find the notes I made about the background of the pictures. You had mentioned something about them being sold as a pair due to the large picture being unfinished. Since I am now preparing to sell these pictures, I was hoping you could provide a few background details about the works to include in the advert. Thank you very much.

    • Admin says:

      Cathy sorry about the delay, my email is not receiving these communications and they show up so random on the background of the program I don’t receive them. Anyways these are two prints that were published as a suite so the value is if they stay together. DANIEL was original sitting in the picture but left to go cut wood so PAUL sketched him doing that. So the sketch is DANIEL and the set is valued just as winter days
      Hope this helps

  5. Del Matlack says:

    I have the picture “Wormwood/80″ in a beautiful frame.It is 52 of 500, signed,with a note,”To my good friend, Joseph Ouellette”. I have had the picture for 35 years, and the majority of the time it was in storage, protected from sunlight. It is in excellent condition! I am getting on in years and am disposing of some household items. I can be reached at 407-427-0962. Del

  6. Lisa Sexton Oaks says:

    I have searched for 5 years now for you! While on our honeymoon I saw this artwork in Gatlinburg. I snapped a pic of the display and took it to my dad to show the family resemblance. I cried when I saw them. It was amazing how he looked like my dad and his brothers.
    My dad knew the man and told stories much like yours.
    I had searched so many shops and asked at the festivals and things. The pic I snapped was long gone and all I had was my memory of seeing it there! I had so longed for one of these but they are out of my reach.
    I hope to find the shop and see if I can at least get a small one.
    Thanks so much for warming my heart so!

  7. Kelly says:

    I have a mini giclee of this almost spring Joey and kittens. It is still in plastic wrap however there is no cert of authenticity. Just a sticker in the back from Paul Murray miniatures in harrow,ON Canada. Worth nothing I take it? 🙁

    • Admin says:

      This mini giclee is an open edition picture that is done with conservation quality ink & paper as is Paul Murray’s limited editions, this is not a valuable print, just an open edition with no limited number printed. There would not be a certificate of. Authenticity for it they sell for $29-55 hope this answers your question

  8. Cindy Lavender (Ouellette) says:

    I know that you don’t monitor these messages, but my Father Thomas D’Arcy Ouellette has just passed away Christmas Eve and while cleaning his apartment I have come a cross the print of Woodworm numbered 76/500. I will be looking to see if these prints are from relatives of my father’s father, my grandfather as he had a brother by the name of Joseph Ouellette that lived on Pelee Island in Lake Erie and most of the family moved off the island and into Belle River, Kingsville, Leamington and of course Windsor. I have always been proud of Ouellette Avenue in Windsor as my maiden name of course is Ouellette. This is so exciting.

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