Coming Soon! Awake Asleep fd.

Awake Asleep coming 2013

5 comments on “Coming Soon! Awake Asleep fd.
  1. Sapphire storm says:

    You have captured the heart n soul of each person in Your paintings I have a painting that I bought n after looking at your paintings I know it one of yours I am mesmerize by the effect that U have captured it’s breathtaking I couldn’t part with it once I had it

  2. Sapphire storm says:

    Awaiting your reply no matter how long it takes

    • Admin says:

      Thank you for seeing the heart and soul that Paul Murray works so hard to project in all of his works. Enjoy your Paul Murray, thank you for sharing. KJM

  3. Larry Snelling says:

    What a great experience today at your gallery! We will truly treasure the prints we bought today! I look forward in sharing the stories with our friends back home. Paul really makes each and every price speak to you! Thanks

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