Mission of Hope


It is good to hear from you and Paul – hope all is well with you both. Mission of Hope truly appreciates all you do for this ministry through your events and collections at Paul Murray Gallery. It is an honor to have your support and for you to use the Mission of Hope logo and to link to our website from your website.

Thanks once again for all you do to help Mission of Hope assist our less fortunate neighbors in struggling Appalachian Mountain communities. May God bless each of you for your compassionate care and concern for others.


“Keep Your Hearts Filled With Hope!!”
Shirley Jordan Plant
Mission of Hope – Operations Manager

Giving Back


Penny and I wanted you and Paul to know how much his art has affected us. Having his girls grace our home has made us feel the want to return our love back to them. Although we cannot give our help directly to them, we are able to give aid to their communities. One Wish has inspired us to go to Whitley City, Kentucky with an Appalachian support group from December 4th through the 7th. We will be bringing Christmas gifts to 3 and 9 year old girls and to help out in whatever manner that is needed. Art is not passive; it moves you. Penny and I hope that by providing an Appalachian girl with her One Wish that we might symbolically be answering Zoe’s One Wish. When a little girl prays, it is not with hope, it is not with dreams, but with rock solid knowledge that God does answer all prayers. That is the strength of youth. May we all be part of the knowledge and part of that strength.

Thank you Kati and Paul:
Penny and Donald Simone

P.S. We have one small wish of our own and that is, “May God grace you and Paul throughout these holidays.”

Peaceful Day

I have been meaning to email you for sometime. I cannot remember if I thanked you for sending me the invitation. In case I did not, thank you. I was unable to make the Artist Week but did visit the last week in September. My mother and I bought prints. And she surprised me with a print for Christmas. I hope all of you had a wonderful and very blessed Christmas. I hope the New Year has had a wonderful beginning for all of you.

I visited all of you a couple of summers ago and Paul sat with me on the porch. He took my prints that I had previously purchased and sketched on the back of them. They are hanging above my writing desk and I think of that day when I look at them. Kathy and I had a fun time laughing and talking inside while I was choosing my prints. I really enjoyed the couple of hours I was there that day. For that brief time, I did not think about the loss of my son who died in a training accident while serving our Country in the Corp of Engineers while stationed in Germany. It was a peaceful day. Thank you. My sister, did take a picture of Paul and me while we were sitting on the porch as he was sketching on my print. I really appreciate Paul and Kathy taking the time to just be with me. I know they did not have a clue what that meant to me at that time.

My youngest son is now serving our Country as well. He graduated from college and then went into the Army. He is doing well. He wants to make a difference and said it was not only his duty but felt he was led to do so. I think him quite brave.

Did Kathy and Paul ever make it to the Kingsport, TN area? They had mentioned going there to try and meet with people there. I have often wondered if they did. My ancestors are from there. My grandfather and grandmother were born and raised in the Heltons, VA area. The land my great, great grandfather settled is still in the family. I was able to retrieve a rock from the original foundation of his cabin. He and the Indians of the area got along and supposedly the Indians helped him build a church on the flats which is still there. I hope Kathy and Paul were able to do what they were hoping to do.

Again, thank you for the invitation and I apologize for taking so long to reply. Please, thank Kathy and Paul for me for the time they took out of their busy day that one very warm summer day.

God bless you all, Brenda Hensley

Original Artwork

Paul and Kathy

Thank-you so much for your hospitality last weekend when we showed up at the gallery. Our pictures our now displayed and look fabulous, of course.

We were quite surprised and very appreciative of the original artwork Paul drew on the back of our Red and Dolly print. Thanks again and have a fantastic holiday season.

Take care

Bev Ludlow and George McDole