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2 comments on “News & Promotions
  1. Deb Magold says:

    I would like to confirm the dates are May 23 to May 24, 2015? I have a friend whose Mom lives in Windsor & she is a a true fan of Paul Murray. I would love to purchase tickets for them to attend. Could you please provide me with more information?
    Thank you very much. I would like the best seats available.
    Deb Magold

    • Admin says:

      yes May 23 & 24 sorry the website isn’t notifying me when there is a comment anymore? I don’t know how to fix it. Sorry there is facebook, facebook message, text, email 3 accounts, website, landline, cell phone, twitter, that’s 10 different ways to get ahold of me Kati-Jane Murray…I am trying to keep up.

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